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Kuan et al. investigated the effect of unfamiliar relaxing and arousing music during imagery on physiological and subjectively perceived arousal of elite shooters. Results showed that music used during imagery helped to manipulate arousal in the required direction, and also that researcher-selected musical excerpts were at least as effective for arousal control as participant-selected excerpts. Despite the burgeoning literature on the impact of music on sports performance, there is still little research on the potential of music to enhance the effectiveness of imagery and its consequential influence on athletic performance.

But within that genre you’ll have no trouble finding things you dislike – perhaps singing bowls, or panpipes – which would never be relaxing in a surgical context. This 3 CD set has a range of natural outdoor sounds from the ocean, summer and the forest, some with a harmonious blend of music. Use RelaxMyDog to calm your pet when they’re especially stressed or as the perfect pet-sitter for the times you are out of the house.

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Classical music can be a powerful tool for relieving everyday stress, helping you sleep and supporting your mental health. Allow us to recommend the best classical music for relaxation. On completion of dart-throwing assessment at the post-intervention stage, six participants completed a short interview to describe their subjective experience of the imagery training. Participants shared their imagery experiences, the effects of the music, challenges they faced during the imagery training, and recommendations for use of music with imagery. Questions related to music were not asked of the two NM interviewees. Dart-throwing is a self-paced, closed skill, involving fine-motor control, meaning that performance occurred in a stable, predictable environment in which performers could choose when to execute the task.

Use RelaxMyCat to calm your pet when they’re especially stressed or as the perfect pet-sitter for the times you are out of the house. Finnish researchers from the University of Helsinki sent surveys to the owners of almost 14,000 canine companions as part of the study into dog mental health. Research from Colorado State University also found heavy metal induced nervous shaking, barking and sleep prevention in dogs in animal shelters. According to hotel booking platform justhooit, more than 65 per cent of dog owners have noticed that their pooch gets stressed while travelling in a car. Then there’s the rather vague genre of “new age”, which brings us endless hours of gentle, meditative sounds.

  • I’m not keen at all on this cd and neither are my clients.
  • Our results raised a number of considerations that warrant further investigation.
  • Background ambient sounds with lovely tones and enough variation for the office team not to go stir crazy.
  • The French impressionist composer was a master of pianistic colour, gentle melody and subtlety.

Given the widespread use of imagery training by athletes to enhance performance, the paucity of research on the potential of music to enhance imagery effectiveness represents a significant gap in knowledge. Most imagery studies that recorded state anxiety and self-confidence scores did so because the imagery intervention was designed specifically to reduce anxiety or enhance confidence. Although this was not the primary focus of our study, participants were encouraged to imagine successful performance outcomes, a strategy previously shown to enhance self-confidence (e.g., Wesch et al., 2016). The use of relaxing music during imagery in the present study may have played an important role in reducing state anxiety. For example, Elliott et al. provided support for the application of relaxing music in reducing competitive state anxiety and Seaward recommended that listening to relaxing music for 1 h a day could significantly reduce anxiety. Improvement by the NM group can be attributed to the combined benefits of the imagery intervention and the practice effect of completing the dart-throwing task twice.

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Our results support Suinn’s proposition by demonstrating that performance benefits were greater when imagery was used in conjunction with relaxing music. One benefit of examining the impact of imagery on novices is that they have greater scope for improvement than more experienced performers. In particular, it would be worthwhile to investigate the impact of imagery with different music conditions on the performance of gross motor skills of a more dynamic nature rather than the fine motor skill used in the present study. Given that we interviewed only two participants from each music condition, their responses have limited generalizability and we recommend that additional qualitative investigations be conducted to explore the effects of music on imagery more fully. Differences in dart-throwing performance among the three music conditions at the pre-intervention stage are also noted.

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But we also know best how music makes us feel – so, when it comes to medicating anxiety, it might be best if we prescribe it ourselves. As we all know, musical appreciation is highly subjective. If something is asserted as “soothing”, many people – including me – will be almost guaranteed to find it annoying. For more calming music, join Zeb Soanes on Classic FM for Smooth Classics at Seven, weekdays from 7-10pm.

The French impressionist composer was a master of pianistic colour, gentle melody and subtlety.

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