Want to book a flight but pay for it next year? Here’s how it works

Primbondh/ November 5, 2022/ airfare

Travel demand is still picking up, and so are the prices of flight tickets. 

Surging prices are causing some to cut back on spending, but others are finding new ways to pay for their holiday plans.

More airlines are partnering with “buy now, pay later” firms to give customers the option to pay for their flights in installments, instead of a lump-sum payment. Some airlines even allow travelers to fly before the airfare is paid in full.

“Consumers have grown accustomed to using ‘buy now, pay later’ in retail, and are now excited to be able to use it in travel,” said Tom Botts, chief commercial officer of BNPL firm Uplift.  

But “this isn’t about giving consumers trips they can’t afford or encouraging them to take trips they shouldn’t,” he said. “This is about helping consumers actually budget and pay for these dream trips.”

Uplift has partnered with more than

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