Why Airfares Have Risen Five Times Faster Than The Overall Inflation Rate

Primbondh/ November 23, 2022/ airfare

Airfares rose 0.8% in September — twice as fast as the rate for all items — according to Consumer Price Index (CPI) data released Thursday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On an annual basis, however, airfare inflation was up a massive 42.9%, the highest on record and more than five times higher than the overall inflation rate of 8.2%. Last month’s CPI report showed airfares rising 33% annually.

Airline ticket prices have climbed much faster than overall inflation during the pandemic recovery due to several factors. The industry ground to a virtual standstill in the earliest days of the pandemic and recovery was initially slow. Russia’s war in Ukraine has driven up fuel costs substantially and, in recent months, an extraordinarily strong rebound in travel demand has collided with massive challenges

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The Very Best Time To Book A Cheap Flight? It’s Complicated

Primbondh/ November 13, 2022/ flight discount

Most travelers know that booking a flight at the last minute means paying through the nose. Travel experts, travel agents, online travel booking sites will all tell you that booking earlier is better.

But the sweet spot for exactly when to snag the cheapest airfare? That’s always been the Holy Grail, and much harder to pin down.

On Wednesday, Google published new insights based on five years worth of Google Flights historical airfare data. For U.S. domestic flights, the study found that prices were usually at their lowest three weeks to two months out, with average prices bottoming out 44 days before departure.

For travelers looking for a cheap flight, the report finds that when you book definitely matters. “The timing of how far ahead you’re looking is really the most important factor,” says James Byers, senior product

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Want to book a flight but pay for it next year? Here’s how it works

Primbondh/ November 5, 2022/ airfare

Travel demand is still picking up, and so are the prices of flight tickets. 

Surging prices are causing some to cut back on spending, but others are finding new ways to pay for their holiday plans.

More airlines are partnering with “buy now, pay later” firms to give customers the option to pay for their flights in installments, instead of a lump-sum payment. Some airlines even allow travelers to fly before the airfare is paid in full.

“Consumers have grown accustomed to using ‘buy now, pay later’ in retail, and are now excited to be able to use it in travel,” said Tom Botts, chief commercial officer of BNPL firm Uplift.  

But “this isn’t about giving consumers trips they can’t afford or encouraging them to take trips they shouldn’t,” he said. “This is about helping consumers actually budget and pay for these dream trips.”

Uplift has partnered with more than

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