Most popular Celtic symbols and their meaning

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Most popular Celtic symbols and their meaning

There are many things that the Celtic civilization gave us for what we, the modern people, should be thankful for, such as the origin of Halloween, the numerous autumn traditions, and the beautiful symbols that they used. You have surely seen some of these ancient motifs, whether on garments in stores, as a home blessing on people’s walls, or even as tattoos. Some use them as a form of protection for their home, while others refer to them as a sign of good luck or religious affiliation. So let’s dive in into the meaning of some of the most popular Celtic symbols that you definitely need to know about.

Tree of Life

There are many meanings attributed to the Tree of Life symbol. Some say that it depicts the perfect harmony created by the forces of nature, due to its branches that reach to the sky and the roots that go deep into the ground, thus representing the connection between heaven and the earth. Others see in the Tree of Life the symbol of wisdom and strength, as well as the connection with family and ancestors. It is also often linked to religion, since some people interpret it as a sign of the path of the pilgrims to salvation. This Celtic symbol is especially popular for jewelry designs, for example pendants and earrings, which make a beautiful and meaningful present for a family member. 

Celtic knot

One of the most popular Celtic symbols, the Celtic knot is considered to date back to 500 B.C and it was used not only by the Celts but it can even be spotted on Roman floor mosaics. If you examine it closely, you’ll notice that the knot is in fact a loop with no beginning or end, which symbolizes the eternity of spiritual life. Its design can also be perceived as an interpretation of the stages of existence that the Celts believe in life, death, and rebirth that goes in an endless cycle. The Celtic knot is a popular pattern for clothes, for example, men’s Irish sweaters. It creates alluring patterns when combined with other symbols of Aran stitches like the cable and the diamond stitch. A man’s Irish sweater with a Celtic knot design is a gift that never disappoints. If you look for one sweater check out these websites . The Celtic Knot is not only popular for Irish sweaters but also for jewelry, such as engagement rings as a sign of eternal love.

Celtic cross

One who isn’t familiar with the Celtic civilization might erroneously consider that this symbol would be a sign of Christianity, but the truth if the Celts were pagans and the cross symbol that they used traces back to the times way before St. Patrick preached Christianity to the islanders. To these days the meaning of the Celtic cross is a subject of disputes between historians and anthropologists. It is claimed that the four arms of the cross represent the four elements of nature: air, water, fire, and earth, thus representing the human soul, body, heart, and mind. Just like the Tree of Life, the Celtic cross is a frequently used design for jewelry, particularly pendants, and people wear it both to show their religious affiliation and as a sign of strength.

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