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The second advantage is that HTTP may send any type of data and offers a foundation for both computers to communicate in the same language. It’s the digital foundation, and it appears to non-developers as a jumble of numbers, characters, and symbols. The text, buttons, graphics, and views you see on the screen make it interactive with the website or service, and the website’s front-end programming is user-interface. The technique of building interactive interfaces is known as front-end development. Planning creates the definition of sitemaps, website structure, and technologies that are about to be used. You first have to plan the information about what is your website structure is going to be.

You will also develop technical competency in user-interface and location-sensitive frameworks, industry-standards for secure and robust software engineering, database development and network operation. In this module you will develop your knowledge of Cloud Computing, its development tools and techniques, and of deploying external web services in web sites using Application Programing Interfaces . Cloud Computing is a disruptive technology that is lowering the entry threshold for new web initiatives. In this module you will gain an appreciation of how business and industry can use Cloud Computing to leverage innovation and business advantage, together with the technical skills to support such developments. You will also develop skills in analysing real cloud costs for non-technical colleagues.

What you will learn

Not only do we offer a web design service we will also manage the web hosting and domain renewals for you often cutting the amount you pay. SCP Computers can unlock the true potential of the Internet and get your corporate image noticed via effective web design and web development. By focusing on the way the users will use the system, we can ensure that we are building the perfect tool for them. In the digital age nothing is fixed – to deliver value you need to be able to adapt quickly. Our agile processes ensure that we can always deliver the features you require.

  • Front-end code organises and makes information from a server available to clients.
  • When a client requests something, the two computers become disconnected, and when the server answers, the two computers reattach.
  • Our graduates have excellent employment prospects in the computing, teaching, lecturing and ICT industry, as well as in other areas of the economy.
  • For the brand’s website, they develop engaging banners, themes, icons, and logos.

For instance, if you use media queries improperly , then you will have significant performance issues with your website’s display. In your final year you will consolidate skills in web application development and pursue specialisms in mobile, database and Artificial Intelligence technologies. You will also integrate your skills and showcase your knowledge by undertaking a Final Year Project. This includes resources for programmers, developers, administrators, data scientists and engineers, team managers, students, and more.

Refining the Search for Executive Talent in Europe

A key focus will be the analysis of the problem space alongside the modelling of the state space representation. Your project must include you undertaking practical work of some sort using computing/IT technology. This is most frequently achieved by the creation of an artefact as the focus for covering all or part of an implementation lifecycle. Or your project could be a mix of both of these such as building a simulated network to investigate security vulnerabilities and mitigation schemes, creating a prototype to test the effectiveness of a digital technology. Projects based solely on literature review activity and/or user/market surveys are not acceptable.

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