Friends on group vacation decides last minute to not to split trip costs evenly: ‘Not acceptable’

Primbondh/ November 9, 2022/ Vacations

A woman is upset that the friends she and her husband usually vacation with don’t want to pay their fair share. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. They usually vacation with two other couples and leave their kids at home. This year, one couple wanted to bring their 12-year-old daughter along. Everyone agreed that was fine. 

The issue was the housing arrangement. The three couples usually split the housing three ways. So they found a home with three rooms. However, the couple with the 12-year-old said it was “not acceptable” because they wanted privacy. 

So they found a home with four rooms. However, the couple with the child still expected that things would be split three ways. The Reddit poster thinks the couple should subsidize the difference.

“Now they are upset with us for burdening them financially because they want to give their daughter an experience,” she wrote. 

Redditors thought the poster was in the right here. 

“Stick to your guns. If they want to split it evenly they can stick with one room,” someone wrote. 

“They need more space they have to pay more,” another commented. 

“Asking them to pay for an extra room is reasonable,” a person said. 

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