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For people in business, this is a very substantial advantage for any organization to have. In a corporations, this sort of brand ‘equity’ is added into balance sheets, and can be valued at many £millions. For example – if you open a pet shop in Newtown and you call it ‘Newtown Pet Shop’ then probably this will not breach any existing protected rights belonging to someone else in the pet business. If your business is serious, and certainly if it is international – you must seek advice about the international meaning of branding words and the rights and protections implications of those words.

  • Your messages will be more relevant, personalised and more engaging.
  • Understanding the two is crucial for developing a consistent patron base and growing your business.
  • Ensure it’s up-to-date so customers know they’ve reached the right business and that you will phone them back if they provide their telephone number.

Costs of preparation and organisation can be big, and are rarely transparent at the outset so beware. To discover what website listings and directories you should appear on, search for your own products and services using Google. Include the town or area or other geographical descriptions in your search phrases – in as many different ways as you think your customers would. Consider and seek out local smaller directories and trades booklets also.

Get creative with content marketing

You would normally describe and provide financial justification for the means of achieving these things, together with customer satisfaction improvement, in a marketing plan. A mission statement announces clearly and succinctly to your staff, shareholders and customers what you are in business to do. Your mission statement may build upon a general ‘service charter’ relevant to your industry, but it must also say what’s special or different about your business. The psychological contract – the relationship between organisation and staff directly affects market image and customer service/relationships. Marketing has for decades extended its reach to staff (traditionally, for example ‘internal marketing’ via newsletters and staff briefings, etc) but nowadays this ‘internal’ facet is immensely more significant.

Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. Social media advertising costs vary depending on the platform you use and your objectives. Otherwise, you can create a brand new ad by clicking the promote button. Not all of them will suit your business, so be sure to research which one best fits with your business plan. Experience the dedicated Consumer Behaviour lab to gain insight into target audiences.

Search engine optimisation marketing

Review the survey project overall and incorporate lessons and improvements next time. All situations are different, so seek other ideas from colleagues and external people, and adapt your own plans accordingly. Remember your own frustrations when using unnecessarily complex websites. Make your own website easy to use and to convey your important messages. Larger companies generally use a PR agency to produce their newsletters, where bigger scale and greater sophistication is warranted. Be aware that the journalists will usually alter/edit your ‘copy’ or release, so don’t agonise over the precise wording, but do enough to make it interesting and newsworthy.

Set specific objectives

We’ll help you bridge the gap between what you want to say, and what your customers need to see and hear. All you need to do is make sure their experience of your business or product lives up to your hype. This course offers the opportunity to take a ‘sandwich’ year – a year of paid employment in industry which will build your skills and experience. This is usually taken between the second and third year of your degree, typically making your course four years in total. Explore the drivers behind the growing role that services marketing plays across business and consider the complexities and challenges in service delivery and innovations across areas of services marketing and management. Apply for a placement and undertake a period of paid employment to gain experience of the working environment, make professional contacts and build your understanding of the jobs and career market.

Be inspired by industry guest speakers, including those who graduated from the university. The course is underpinned by a deep understanding of professional practice and academic concepts. We offer you the tools and experience in, and out, of the classroom to develop your passions for creativity and move into a professional role.

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