6 Non-Awkward Ways to Get a Date While on a Solo Travelling

primbondh/ July 14, 2021/ Travels

Travelling alone can be fun and sometimes less burdensome, but it sure does get lonely sometimes. Getting yourself a date could help keep you company on those nights you want someone to watch a movie with. At UK.collected.reviews, you can read reviews about finding a date online.

Are you planning a solo trip soon and are considering a potential date once you arrive? We’re here to help you out. Below are 6 ways to get a date while solo travelling, without coming off as an awkward freak.

1.  Learning Something New:

One way you can find a date is by taking a class. There are many different classes, like language classes, cooking classes, photography classes, and dancing classes. There, you get to meet people who share the same interest as you every day. You eventually become familiar with them and as you relate, you might encounter someone you bond really well with. Don’t be shy to request their number.

2.  Attending Conferences or Seminars:

This is another way to find people with similar interests just like you. These events are usually filled with people who attend to learn something, for example, creative writing. You can attend one of them that interests you and if you find someone that catches your eye, don’t be scared to engage in a friendly conversation. A simple question about the event can be a great conversation starter which can lead you both to knowing each other.

3.  Attending Festivals:

Going to a festival is a fun way to entertain yourself and make friends. They usually last more than one day so it’s an opportunity to get familiar with a group of people. Who knows? Your potential date might just be among them.

4.  Staying in a Hostel:

This is a very sociable option that will enable you to meet and interact with other travellers like yourself. There are always areas and events in a hostel where you can go and socialise with people. For example, you can go to a pub or a restaurant to grab something for yourself. A tour for travellers is usually provided as well. There, you can engage in conversations and stories with fellow travellers and make a friend.

5.  Walking Tours:

In a walking tour, a small group of people meet together and they are shown around the area by a local guide. Everybody gets to introduce themselves and get to know one another. This creates the opportunity to hold conversations and get to know someone you find yourself interested in.

6.  Online Dating:

This is, perhaps, the most common way to make a friend close by and even go on a date together. There are many dating platforms online, the most famous being Tinder. These platforms are helpful because they allow you to find people with similar interests as you, who are also close by. You get to discover new people who are also looking for new people to mingle with in their new travel location.

While travelling alone has its perks, a little romantic company wouldn’t hurt. Our tips aim at helping you not feel lonely when next you solo travel.

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