5 Beaches in Indonesia are Still Very Beautiful

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5 Beaches in Indonesia are Still Very Beautiful

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world. No wonder this country has a myriad of natural attractions in the form of beautiful beaches scattered throughout the country. Indonesia is also a country that has the fourth longest coastline in the world, which is 95,181 km long.

The beauty of #DiIndonesiaAja’s natural tourism in the form of a beach has its own uniqueness and charm. There is a beach with white sand that is so fine, a beach with so clear water, and there is also a hidden beach that is so beautiful.

The following are beaches that must be on a traveler’s tourist bucket list:

Three Wells Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach is located on the east coast of Pulau Weh, Aceh Province in Indonesia. With turquoise waters that are so clear, beautiful clean white sand stretching along the beach, to the shade of palm trees that line the beach, it becomes a very enchanting sight. Not only that, but the tropical green hills around it also add to the beauty of Sumur Tiga Beach.

Not only does it offer a beautiful beach panorama, but when diving into the sea there is also a natural beauty that is so amazing. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will definitely feel at home for a long time diving and exploring the waters around Sumur Tiga Beach.

If lucky, a traveler can even meet dolphins that seem far away on the high seas. Also, make sure to hunt for the sunset here. Because the beauty of the scenery of Sumur Tiga Beach will be even more charming during magic hour.

To go to this beach, a traveler can use a private or rented vehicle. It only takes 10 minutes from Sabang City and 20 minutes from Balohan Harbor. No need to worry about getting lost, because there are many directions or road markings to this beach location.

Mackerel Beach

Bangka Island also has a gem, namely Tenggiri Beach. This beach is located in Sinar Baru Village, Sungai Liat District, 30 km north of Pangkalpinang City, Bangka, in Indonesia. This beach has clear turquoise waters, white sand, and calm waves.

Not only that, the uniqueness of Tenggiri Beach is the granite stones scattered along the coast in various shapes and sizes. Visitors can climb and even sit on it while enjoying the stunning beach view.

The trip to Tenggiri Beach takes 45 minutes by motorbike from Pangkal Balam Harbor, Depati Amir Airport, Bangka. Travelers can rent various types of vehicles from the airport.

Another alternative, a traveler can also use public transportation from Pangkalpinang with the direction of Pinang – Sungai Liat. Then, the journey can be continued using a motorized tricycle to the Tenggiri Beach area.

Even though it is still beautiful, there are already several inns in this Tenggiri Beach destination. By staying only one night, a traveler can enjoy a very different sunrise atmosphere and will never be forgotten on this beach.

Galangal Beach

One of the prima donna of tourism in Bangka Belitung is Lengkuas Island in Indonesia. In addition to the beautiful beaches, the underwater panorama is no less beautiful. That is the reason many people come to this island for snorkeling and diving. To know more about the business you can visit this site treadmillsandellipticalmachines

The lighthouse that stands majestically on Lengkuas Island is one of the historical landmarks dating back to the Dutch colonial era. This 62-meter-high lighthouse was founded in 1882 and is still operating today.

To get to Lengkuas Island, a traveler can take a sea trip by boat past Tanjung Kelayang Beach. The journey to Lengkuas Island from Tanjung Kelayang takes about 40 minutes. In addition to passing through Tanjung Kelayang, a traveler can also reach Lengkuas Island from Tanjung Binga.

Pinkie Beach

Panoramic view of Kelingking Beach from above Photo: Shutterstock
It took a struggle to get to this Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida. Travelers must travel down the stairs and only hold on to the wood on the edge of the cliff.

It took about 1 hour to get to the bottom and 1.5 hours to get back up. Of course it’s not an easy trip, but when you arrive at Kelingking Beach, all the fatigue on the trip will pay off completely.

The uniqueness of one of the tourist beaches in Bali is in its cliffs that resemble T-Rex’s pinky. In addition, the lush trees on the cliffs combined with the clear crystal blue sea and the white sand that stretches are a special satisfaction for travelers who have made it to this beach.

To get to the beach which is located in Nusa Penida, a traveler can use a fast boat from the port of Sanur Beach. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get to Toyapakeh, Nusa Penida. Then, a traveler can rent a motorbike or other rental vehicles that are widely offered at inns in Nusa Penida.

Bawana Beach

A dramatic scene will be created when taking pictures on this beach. The ‘Batu Bolong’ icon is a favorite spot for travelers when traveling to the beach in Kodi, Southwest Sumba.

When planning to go to this beach, make sure to stay until the moment of sunset arrives. Because, the atmosphere of the sunset is the most anesthetizing moment while on this beach. I don’t feel like going home!

In the morning or afternoon, the panorama of Bawana Beach is no less amazing. Very clear blue sky, sparkling white sand, clear blue water, lush green cliffs and of course the iconic rock hole arch will look very beautiful to the eye.

To get to Bawana Beach, a traveler can use a private or rented vehicle. The distance is about 90 minutes from Tambolaka City.

There you have it, 5 #DiIndonesiaAja beaches that are still very beautiful and must be visited one day. Because it is still original, travelers who come must maintain the cleanliness and beauty of these beaches, yes. This is to support sustainable tourism or sustainable tourism in Indonesia.

In addition, continue to pay attention to the Travel Health Protocol so that holidays become more comfortable and enjoyable. Don’t forget to wear a mask, keep a safe distance, and be diligent in washing your hands with soap or cleaning with hand sanitizer.

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