Most popular Celtic symbols and their meaning

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Most popular Celtic symbols and their meaning

There are many things that the Celtic civilization gave us for what we, the modern people, should be thankful for, such as the origin of Halloween, the numerous autumn traditions, and the beautiful symbols that they used. You have surely seen some of these ancient motifs, whether on garments in stores, as a home blessing on people’s walls, or even as tattoos. Some use them as a form of protection for their home, while others refer to them as a sign of good luck or religious affiliation. So let’s dive in into the meaning of some of the most popular Celtic symbols that you definitely need to know about.

Tree of Life

There are many meanings attributed to the Tree of Life symbol. Some say that it depicts the perfect harmony created by the forces of nature, due to its branches that reach to the sky and the roots that … Read More

5 Beaches in Indonesia are Still Very Beautiful

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5 Beaches in Indonesia are Still Very Beautiful

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world. No wonder this country has a myriad of natural attractions in the form of beautiful beaches scattered throughout the country. Indonesia is also a country that has the fourth longest coastline in the world, which is 95,181 km long.

The beauty of #DiIndonesiaAja’s natural tourism in the form of a beach has its own uniqueness and charm. There is a beach with white sand that is so fine, a beach with so clear water, and there is also a hidden beach that is so beautiful.

The following are beaches that must be on a traveler’s tourist bucket list:

Three Wells Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach is located on the east coast of Pulau Weh, Aceh Province in Indonesia. With turquoise waters that are so clear, beautiful clean white sand stretching along the beach, to the shade of palm trees that line the … Read More