11 Benefits of Recreation for the Human Body

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Recreation is a holiday activity that should be used by everyone to get various health and educational benefits.

People who never do recreation will experience severe stress, on the contrary by doing recreation we avoid depression due to sadness or work pressure. Recreation takes many forms, from sightseeing to shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, parks, and more. Recreation is basically aimed at releasing fatigue during the working day. The following are the various benefits that can be obtained from reflecting with family or closest people, as follows:

The function of the means of socialization

In recreation, whether at a destination park or a shopping center, you are building relationships with the people around you. At that time there is direct interaction that trains social skills in the world of work. For example, when talking to a cashier, barista, or waiter, a negotiation or interaction will increase your socialization skills.

Children become independent

If you do recreation with children, this will spur children to become independent. For example, when queuing for cinema tickets, children are trained to be independent and not whine to their parents. The more often they do recreation, the children can see how their parents solve problems and how nature treats humans. Children will form a sense of self-confidence, independence, and care for the surrounding environment.

Strengthen family relationships

If you do recreational activities with your family, of course, this can help strengthen relationships with your family. With recreation, there is communication among family members as well as activities that trigger mutual problem-solving.

In a study published in the Science Journal in 1986, Kaiser analyzed 390 steel mill employees who took 13 weeks of vacation time to return to work with renewed vigor and more enjoyment of their life with their spouses and children. If you frequently engage in recreational activities with your family, then this will improve your relationship with your family.

Strengthen friendship

Meanwhile, if you do recreation with your relatives and friends, then you are actually improving the quality of your relationship with your friends. Every time you chat with your friends, there is two-way communication and at certain times you can exchange ideas about ideas and happiness.

Make beautiful memories with loved ones

From a psychological point of view, when doing recreation you will remember places you have never seen before. For example, mountainous areas, beaches, hills, or plantations. By diverting life from the crowded city, we are building an unforgettable memory with loved ones.

Release tension and stress

When doing recreation, our eyes see new sights and things that can increase our happiness. In a study conducted at the Psychology department of Tel Aviv University, two experts named Mina Westman and Dove Eden told the results of their research on 76 employees who found a significant decrease in feelings of depression and stress due to recreational activities while on vacation. Having a sense of pleasure and happiness will increase your work productivity and quality in society.

At the same time exercising

While recreation, you actually also do a lot of physical activity such as the benefits of walking, running, and other body movements. This movement is a form of light exercise that greatly affects your health. Even recreational activities are usually carried out during the day, which also increases the level of your physical movement which is useful for improving your blood flow.

Make quality time

Compared to having to do unclear activities while on vacation, recreation will make you get quality time to fill the holidays. You can do recreation by going to historical places, enjoying the natural scenery, shopping, studying nature, and so on. After returning from vacation recreation, you will definitely get new inspirations that are fresher and of higher quality.

Educational facilities

Of course, recreation is also a means of education for both children and adults. Frequently taking children on vacation will continue to stimulate their curiosity and creativity in solving problems. Even with recreation, children end up seeing something they never see and learn usually in school.

Educational recreational destinations such as museums, zoos, nature reserves, or wildlife sanctuaries. By seeing animals, they become more concerned and curious about their existence of these creatures. As for adults, we can see a variety of natural beauty and inspiration for our work. By seeing something we’ve never seen before, we’ll learn how to innovate.

Has a longer lifespan

An America conducted a study by taking a sample of up to 749 women aged 45-64 years. Then give them time to rest. As a result, they can live a more comfortable and relaxed life thereby lowering the risk of having a heart attack.

The causes of death are generally chronic diseases that are actually caused by ongoing stress and pressure. Recreation can reduce the depression you feel. The outdoors provides fresh air that removes pain or distress that makes it difficult. So, we advise active workers to take regular short leave and their work is less binding so that they can take time off from work.

Increase intellectual

A scientist named James Sands from the South Coast Institute conducted a study of 112 women aged 65-92 years. The study concluded that there was a relationship between daily routines and decreased brain function. The older you live, the more likely you are to develop senile dementia.

However, you can prevent this with regular recreation during the holidays. The benefits of recreation can build a brain and intellectual work that can reduce the tendency to think at the age of 60 years and over. A recreation will stimulate your mind to continue to think creatively and innovatively.

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