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How To Enjoy Art In Amsterdam

Primbondh/ November 21, 2022/ travel, Travels

How To Enjoy Art In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an artistic city full of museums of all kinds. Before visiting Amsterdam, it is important that you do some research on the different museums you can visit. For example, the Moco Museum has contemporary art exhibits that are easy to understand because they convey current societal issues and alternative approaches to solving them. But what about visiting museums like the Rembrandt or the Van Gogh museum? This is deeper art, difficult for some people to enjoy. To avoid this, you can explore the art exhibitions Amsterdam available and create a plan of the places you want to visit. It’s like a kind of filter in which you leave aside those museums that don’t appeal to you or that you think are boring to you. It is about learning to enjoy the different artistic expressions that you can get from this city.

Give It The Focus You Want

Imagine … Read More

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How to spend your holiday

Primbondh/ November 20, 2022/ travel, Travels

How to spend your holiday

An international vacation is the best way to spend your holiday. However, planning an international vacation can be pretty expensive. Therefore, it is preferred that you find ways to save money on your trip. A way to do this is by using services that help you with the expenses of the trip, and thanks to reviewing sites like edreams reviews you can find reviews of other clients who had first-hand experience with the site. Furthermore, here is a list of travel tips that can help you save money on your vacation abroad.

Expand your choice of airport

If your airport of choice is a big-city airport close to your home, you may want to explore other options. Although it may have the most flights, the most carriers, and the broadest range of departures, the fares might be costly. Even though the familiarity might be easier to deal with, dealing with … Read More

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Most popular Celtic symbols and their meaning

Primbondh/ October 10, 2022/ Uncategorized

Most popular Celtic symbols and their meaning

There are many things that the Celtic civilization gave us for what we, the modern people, should be thankful for, such as the origin of Halloween, the numerous autumn traditions, and the beautiful symbols that they used. You have surely seen some of these ancient motifs, whether on garments in stores, as a home blessing on people’s walls, or even as tattoos. Some use them as a form of protection for their home, while others refer to them as a sign of good luck or religious affiliation. So let’s dive in into the meaning of some of the most popular Celtic symbols that you definitely need to know about.

Tree of Life

There are many meanings attributed to the Tree of Life symbol. Some say that it depicts the perfect harmony created by the forces of nature, due to its branches that reach to the sky and the roots that … Read More

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5 Beaches in Indonesia are Still Very Beautiful

Primbondh/ October 6, 2022/ beach

5 Beaches in Indonesia are Still Very Beautiful

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world. No wonder this country has a myriad of natural attractions in the form of beautiful beaches scattered throughout the country. Indonesia is also a country that has the fourth longest coastline in the world, which is 95,181 km long.

The beauty of #DiIndonesiaAja’s natural tourism in the form of a beach has its own uniqueness and charm. There is a beach with white sand that is so fine, a beach with so clear water, and there is also a hidden beach that is so beautiful.

The following are beaches that must be on a traveler’s tourist bucket list:

Three Wells Beach

Sumur Tiga Beach is located on the east coast of Pulau Weh, Aceh Province in Indonesia. With turquoise waters that are so clear, beautiful clean white sand stretching along the beach, to the shade of palm trees that line the … Read More

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Primbondh/ August 6, 2022/ island


Traveling- In the Thousand Islands, there are several islands that are a favorite for tourists to visit. Here are at least five islands that you must visit when traveling in the Thousand Islands.

Tidung Island

Semak Daun Island, Bira Island In the Thousand Islands, there are several islands that are a favorite for tourists to visit. Here are at least five islands that you must visit when traveling in the Thousand Islands.

Leaf Bush Island

Semak Daun Island offers a view of the charm of life under the sea which is so beautiful. This small island is not inhabited by residents as is the case on other islands. There are no houses of residents standing around this island. Well, travelers who come to this island are required to bring a tent for a place to rest.

Bira Island

Bira Island consists of two islands, namely Big Bira Island and … Read More

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5 Swimming Pools in Bali with Exotic Views

Primbondh/ August 6, 2022/ Place

5 Swimming Pools in Bali with Exotic Views

List of 5 swimming pools in Bali with stunning views. Visitors can feel a different sensation when swimming in this place.
The view is amazing, guaranteed to spoil the eyes. You can take beautiful pictures by the pool, and pose facing the beautiful scenery.

For those of you who are looking for swimming pool inspiration with beautiful views in Bali, the following list is quoted from Vogue which can be a recommendation.

The Hanging Gardens of Bali

The swimming pool at this forest-side resort in Ubud has an intimate atmosphere as it overlooks the Ayung River. Here, you can relax and enjoy the lush and calming atmosphere of the forest.

In addition, the forest background and the infinite poolside make this swimming pool also an attractive photo spot for visitors.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

You can enjoy the swimming pool with the longest beachfront view in … Read More

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Don’t Do These 6 Things When You Go to the Beach

Primbondh/ August 6, 2022/ beach

Don’t Do These 6 Things When You Go to the Beach

It seems almost everyone wants a vacation to the beach. This place is always attractive through the waves, gusts of wind, and soft sand. But did you know there are 6 things you shouldn’t do when you’re there?

Playing volleyball in the crowd

One of the fun activities on the beach is playing volleyball. But you should not be desperate to play if the beach conditions are crowded. Choose a quiet place and let tourists who want to vacation in peace. The same goes for the game of frisbee.

Dispose of garbage carelessly

Another thing that needs to be considered is the presence of garbage. Do not litter, either in the sand or in the ocean. Garbage will be an eyesore, and what’s worse can damage marine life. You can visit this site if you are looking for information about music yoga-ez


Instead, avoid smoking on the beach. Cigarette … Read More

Amid slow recovery, Spirit Airlines loses $36.4m in Q3 | News

Primbondh/ December 7, 2022/ flight discount

Buffeted by hurricane winds, higher fuel costs and operational constraints, Spirit Airlines reported a loss of $36.4 million in the third quarter of 2022.

The discount airline’s performance is down from the three months ending 30 September 2021, when it posted a profit of $14.8 million. 

“Our current financial results are disappointing,” Ted Christie, Spirit’s chief executive, said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call on 27 October. “However, we believe it is prudent for us to build back the network more methodically, which will allow our team to digest the growth and learn from our experience.”

Spirit reports third-quarter operating revenue of $1.3 billion, up from $923 million during the same period in 2021. Revenue per passenger flight segment increased to $134.59, up from $110.91 in 2021, and the airline sees no signs of slowing demand in the leisure travel market.

“The business performed well against a set of negative

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A New Time-Travel App, Reviewed

Primbondh/ December 6, 2022/ travel

“Car après la mort le Temps se retire du corps … ” —Proust

We all know by now that the time-reversal invariance governing statistical mechanics at the microlevel maps by a simple equation onto the macroworld, making “time travel” a wholly unsurprising possibility … but damn! The first time you go back there’s just nothing like it.

I know all these first-person accounts of ChronoSwooping have become a cliché here on Substack, where, let’s face it, anyone can write pretty much whatever they want no matter how self-indulgent and derivative. Nonetheless I think I have some unusual insights to share, which derive from my own experience but which may offer some general lessons as to the nature and significance of time travel, both the original and long-prohibited “body-transit” method as well as the newer and more streamlined ChronoSwoop.

This is not only because I spent some years in the archives

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Act fast: Round-trip flights to Italy for as low as $373

Primbondh/ December 4, 2022/ flight discount

From the Colosseum to the Duomo di Milano to the Trevi Fountain, there are so many sites to see in Italy that it’s almost impossible to do it all in one trip.

At the same time, a trip to Italy is pricey. Flight tickets to Italian cities from the U.S. often cost between $900 to $1,000 round trip. Such expensive fares can make visiting the country feel out of reach.

Flights to Milan are part of this fare deal. CLINT HENDERSON/THE POINTS GUY

However, a trip to Italy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg with this deal: Round-trip fares to multiple Italian cities start as low as $373 from various U.S. cities. From November 2022 to March 2023, fly to Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Bologna or Turin from New York City, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Miami and more.

Since this deal extends from fall to early

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Have people forgotten how to be good travelers during COVID? | Travel Troubleshooter

Primbondh/ December 3, 2022/ travel

Shelley Hunter says she had a meltdown before a recent flight from Reno, Nevada, to San Diego. The reason? She had forgotten one of the basic travel requirements: a picture ID.

“While I was in the security line, I could not find my wallet,” she remembers. “I thought, ‘That’s it, I can’t go.’”

Hunter is one of perhaps hundreds of thousands of travelers relearning travel essentials this summer. After enduring shutdowns and travel bans, Americans are vacationing again. Along the way, they’re discovering that they’ve forgotten things they used to know — and that there are some new things they need to know but don’t.

I get it. I’ve overlooked so many basic travel practices in the past few months, it’s embarrassing. I’ve forgotten to check in for a flight, neglected to print out my hotel confirmation and returned a rental car without filling the tank first.

So did Hunter

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Quartz Mountain Resources Clarifies Technical Report Status and Information Availability

Primbondh/ December 3, 2022/ mountain

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2022 / Quartz Mountain Resources Ltd. (“Quartz Mountain” or “the Company“) (TSXV:QZM)(OTC PINK:QZMRF) wishes to clarify that two recently commissioned technical reports as announced in our news releases of June 14, 2022 and September 8, 2022 on the Maestro and Jake projects were not prepared as a consequence of any triggering event contemplated by National Instrument 43-101 (Disclosure Standards for Mineral Projects). While the two reports were intended to comply with the substantive content requirements of the instrument, there was no triggering event and accordingly they are not NI 43-101 reports. They should not have been referred to as such and will not be filed on SEDAR.com but rather be kept available only on the Company’s website.

In addition, the Company has updated its website so that all information can be directly accessed from the website without

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Sugarloaf Mountain’s future hangs in the balance

Primbondh/ December 1, 2022/ mountain


After more than two years of planning, late-night meetings and public squabbles, the future of one of Maryland’s most unusual natural landscapes hangs in the balance ahead of a public meeting this week.

But both land conservation groups and local public officials say the latest iteration of a plan for Sugarloaf Mountain that will land Tuesday before the Frederick County Council is less the product of back-and-forth than the result of threats hurled by park ownership.

Stronghold, Inc., the nonprofit entity that owns the popular hiking and birdwatching destination about 30 miles from the District, has long opposed aspects of a county conservation plan for the region. That opposition boiled over in recent months into threats from Stronghold’s lawyers to end public access to the park.

Late last week, legislation was submitted to the council that largely bends to the owner’s wishes. For some local

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Jeff Goldblum’s Wife Emilie Planned a ‘Surprise’ Italy Vacation for the Actor’s 70th Birthday

Primbondh/ November 30, 2022/ Vacations

Emilie Goldblum /Instagram. Jeff Goldblum 70th B Day. https://www.instagram.com/p/CkBW8IIKKSN/

Emilie Goldblum /Instagram.

Emilie Livingston is celebrating husband Jeff Goldblum’s birthday with a “surprise” vacation!

In honor of the actor’s 70th birthday on Saturday, the former Olympian, 39, planned a trip to Italy to commemorate the milestone occasion.

In a post shared on Instagram Friday, Livingston asked her husband, “Where do you think we’re going?” to which he playfully responded, “I think I misheard. I thought we were going to Staples.”

Photos and clips of the couple in Italy, set to music, completed the post, as Livingston wrote in her caption that she’d packed Goldblum’s suitcase and planned a train and car ride to their “surprise destination.”

“Now that we are here living this intoxicating dream it’s even more magical!” she added.

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Holiday airfare is rising: What to know if you haven’t booked yet

Primbondh/ November 29, 2022/ airfare

This story has been updated with new information

As the leaves change and the temperatures drop, holiday airfare is about to start rising, and fast, experts say. In fact, if you haven’t yet started looking at your flight options for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s (and you should if you plan to travel over one of these holidays), you may be surprised at what you find.

Since late summer, the advice has been to book holiday airfare as soon as possible and no later than the middle of October. Well, as of this weekend, we are officially at the month’s midpoint, and also now within 40 days of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving domestic flights are currently averaging around $271 round-trip, according to data shared with TPG Saturday by booking site Hopper, which tracks airfare. That’s fairly consistent with both 2019 numbers and with what we’ve seen in recent weeks. But experts warn

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How much money do I need to travel the world?

Primbondh/ November 29, 2022/ travel

It’s a popular dream — quitting your day job to go travel the world. No responsibilities, no schedules.

But, of course, nothing in life is free. How much exactly would it cost to travel the world? 

Many factors affect the answer to this: how long you want to stay abroad; what countries you want to see; what types of accommodations you’re willing to stay in. 

Perhaps the easiest way to figure out your budget is to work backward and figure out how much will it cost per day. 

Several popular travel blogs, such as A Little Adrift, Never Ending Footsteps, and Earth Trekkers, all agree that a baseline of $20,000 per person for one year is doable. This averages out to just over $50 per day. 

Here’s how you can figure out your magic number. 

Budget per day

If you’ve ever been on a vacation before, the idea of spending

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Man falls and dies at Grandfather Mountain

Primbondh/ November 28, 2022/ mountain

The man was found at the base of a cliff after he was reported missing.

LINVILLE, N.C. — An accidental fall led to a man dying at Grandfather Mountain.

On Sunday around 10 a.m., reports were made about a person missing at the Grandfather Mountain park area. Authorities say he was last seen at one of the park’s overlooks.

Rescue crews located the missing man dead at the base of a cliff and recovered the body. A preliminary investigation shows that the man accidentally fell from the cliff.

The deceased man’s name has not been released at this time.

The Linville-Central Search and Rescue, Linville Volunteer Fire Department, Avery County Emergency Management, Watauga County Emergency Services, Avery County Sherriff’s Office, and Grandfather Mountain State Park and Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation staff were on scene searching for the man.

RELATED: Deadly crash under investigation in Huntersville, officials say

Grandfather Mountain officials

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