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Traveling- In the Thousand Islands, there are several islands that are a favorite for tourists to visit. Here are at least five islands that you must visit when traveling in the Thousand Islands.

Tidung Island

Semak Daun Island, Bira Island In the Thousand Islands, there are several islands that are a favorite for tourists to visit. Here are at least five islands that you must visit when traveling in the Thousand Islands.

Leaf Bush Island

Semak Daun Island offers a view of the charm of life under the sea which is so beautiful. This small island is not inhabited by residents as is the case on other islands. There are no houses of residents standing around this island. Well, travelers who come to this island are required to bring a tent for a place to rest.

Bira Island

Bira Island consists of two islands, namely Big Bira Island and … Read More

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5 Swimming Pools in Bali with Exotic Views

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5 Swimming Pools in Bali with Exotic Views

List of 5 swimming pools in Bali with stunning views. Visitors can feel a different sensation when swimming in this place.
The view is amazing, guaranteed to spoil the eyes. You can take beautiful pictures by the pool, and pose facing the beautiful scenery.

For those of you who are looking for swimming pool inspiration with beautiful views in Bali, the following list is quoted from Vogue which can be a recommendation.

The Hanging Gardens of Bali

The swimming pool at this forest-side resort in Ubud has an intimate atmosphere as it overlooks the Ayung River. Here, you can relax and enjoy the lush and calming atmosphere of the forest.

In addition, the forest background and the infinite poolside make this swimming pool also an attractive photo spot for visitors.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay

You can enjoy the swimming pool with the longest beachfront view in … Read More

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Don’t Do These 6 Things When You Go to the Beach

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Don’t Do These 6 Things When You Go to the Beach

It seems almost everyone wants a vacation to the beach. This place is always attractive through the waves, gusts of wind, and soft sand. But did you know there are 6 things you shouldn’t do when you’re there?

Playing volleyball in the crowd

One of the fun activities on the beach is playing volleyball. But you should not be desperate to play if the beach conditions are crowded. Choose a quiet place and let tourists who want to vacation in peace. The same goes for the game of frisbee.

Dispose of garbage carelessly

Another thing that needs to be considered is the presence of garbage. Do not litter, either in the sand or in the ocean. Garbage will be an eyesore, and what’s worse can damage marine life. You can visit this site if you are looking for information about music yoga-ez


Instead, avoid smoking on the beach. Cigarette … Read More

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11 Benefits of Recreation for the Human Body

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11 Benefits of Recreation for the Human Body

Recreation is a holiday activity that should be used by everyone to get various health and educational benefits.

People who never do recreation will experience severe stress, on the contrary by doing recreation we avoid depression due to sadness or work pressure. Recreation takes many forms, from sightseeing to shopping malls, cinemas, theaters, parks, and more. Recreation is basically aimed at releasing fatigue during the working day. The following are the various benefits that can be obtained from reflecting with family or closest people, as follows:

The function of the means of socialization

In recreation, whether at a destination park or a shopping center, you are building relationships with the people around you. At that time there is direct interaction that trains social skills in the world of work. For example, when talking to a cashier, barista, or waiter, a negotiation or interaction will increase your socialization skills.

Children become

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Traveling: Tips for taking your baby on long trips

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Traveling: Tips for taking your baby on long trips

Traveling with a baby can be difficult, especially if you are traveling long distances. Here are some tips for taking your baby on a trip, that you can try to make traveling with your baby more comfortable and enjoyable.

Actually bringing a small baby to go on long trips or on vacation tends to be easier because their activities are still limited. Especially if your little one is under 6 months old.

Mothers only need to give breast milk without having to bring special foods or solid foods. Thus, it is easier for mothers to travel with their little ones, even though they still need extra energy to carry and carry babies’ needs.

Some Tips To Do When Taking Your Baby On A Long Trip
So that the trip with the baby remains comfortable and not too tiring, here are some tips that you can try to do:

Choose a

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Vacation: 9 Important Tips to Make It More Fun

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Vacation: 9 Important Tips to Make It More Fun

Vacation- For most people, traveling is one of the fun things. Not infrequently of them are looking forward to the time to travel.

All preparations are usually done in advance to welcome the holiday. Such as preparing various clothes, necessities, and also various accessories that will be used during the holidays.

But not infrequently from them even you yourself have prepared everything ahead of time, still something or something is left behind. Of course, this will make you very uncomfortable, won’t it?

So, what exactly should be prepared for before going on vacation so that your vacation time becomes fun? Here are some important tips that you should do before leaving for vacation:

Determine Exciting Tourist Places

The first thing you need to prepare is to determine in advance the tourist attractions that you will visit. You can see references to existing tourist attractions to visit. Look for the most … Read More

Group Travel World

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Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or Christmas, give the gift of travel! You can select any amount for kelilingkota.com your gift voucher, and they never expire. You’ll also get a virtual gift card to send to your recipient.

Our dedicated business class team have extensive knowledge of the premium cabins, so they will recommend the best airline and aircraft for each flight. You can upgrade a few critical legs of the journey or fly business class throughout your trip, and we can also include private transfers, tours and top-notch accommodation. With our unrivalled knowledge, from a lifetime of experience between us in the travel industry, we are experts in finding the right holiday for you. Having travelled to every corner of the earth, we leave no stone unturned to make sure you have the perfect city break, cruise, escorted tour or luxury escape away. A round the world holiday doesn’t … Read More


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After graduation, typical job titles in your career include Game Designer, Game Programmer, Project Manager or Creative Director. Graduates also move on to become Software Engineers in companies building games and other applications. Both text content and attached files submitted through this facility is indexed by our website, and made available through both the search function and relevant e-mail alerts. Any of our users registered for an alert which matches your content, will receive a link making them aware of its publication.

It feels great to once again play as Aloy and explore an apocalyptic future filled with incredible machines and ancient ruins. Forbidden West really takes everything that worked in its acclaimed predecessor and builds upon it in spectacular style. Please Fix The Road is pretty much what it is like to be a main character in one of those shorts that are oftentimes better than the Pixar film … Read More

Under 16 Mainstream Travel Assistance

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For example, the medieval crusades, a series of wars sanctioned by the Roman Church in the 11th-13th centuries, were considered at the time as a form of armed pilgrimage to recover Jerusalem. Whatever the motivations for ‘Holy Wars’, as with all violent conflict they result in great human suffering and often entail the enforced travel of refugees fleeing for their lives. Even the two central mosques in Serrekunda and Banjul, whilst heavily attended, are unostentatiously decorated – sometimes the only reminder they are present is the hypnotic call to prayer of the muezzin.

As you drive to the Holy City, enjoy spectacular panoramic view of the Old City from the Mount of Olives. Having arrived at your accommodation, perhaps go for a walk through the Garden of Gethsemane if time permits. This tranquil garden is where Jesus is said to have been arrested. The beautiful church is built over a … Read More

Overseas travel packages

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It is designed to feed the wanderlust of curious travelers. Explore the jungle to a remote waterfall, feed playful… Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand are three of the most alluring countries in Southeast Asia. Our 12-day package is well designed to take you through the marvels of culture, history and wildlife, the incomparable landscapes, and the endless wonder to explore. Wildlife in Indonesia is more diverse than any other country in Southeast Asia with a wide range of endemic species besides ecosystem biodiversities.

If ever you need an excuse to travel, take a look at our special offers. We’ve got a whole range of affordable holidays for you to choose from, including last-minute city breaks, All Inclusive holiday packages and luxury hotels in our favourite places. Whether it’s a basic package with the essentials or a multi-week American sports tour, MVP Travel has what you need to create your perfect itinerary. … Read More


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Max, John and Becky all stood out as people I’d happily recommend. We had a great 6 days with some interesting walks and weather. Because it is a relatively small family run guesthouse there is a feeling of intimacy and friendliness that would not be possible in a hotel.

Being a specialist in Sports Insurance, we provide cover for over 500 different sports & activities, far more than other providers. We’re pleased to offer tailored cover from AXA XL, a leading provider of insurance in the sports and leisure industry. Covers trips within your country of residence, trips within country of residence must be pre-booked and for a minimum of 2 nights away. Our Sports Accident Insurance is designed to protect you for Mountain Biking in the UK. Our policy provides personal accident, and if selected, can include additional Income Protection.

Yes, our Mountain Biking Insurance can generally be taken … Read More

Mountain Kingdoms

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It also allows us to calculate the premium we’ll charge if you opt for income protection cover on the following page. Booked with you before and always had a good time previously. I don’t know where you manage to get your staff from but they are the friendliest, funniest, most helpful and relaxed group of people we’ve ever walked with. Thank you Ollie, Jo, Sandy and Flee for an amazing holiday. First time I’d used this type of holiday and was not disappointed.

I think we’ve been to all of Collett’s Walking Holiday locations except Andalucia and Tuscany although we have been to both of these locations independently. Self-guide the tracks and trails of our own glorious treasures, from precarious paths in the Peaks, to the quaint and quintessential qualities of the Cotswolds. As ABTA members, our walkers have had financial peace of mind for over 24 years. This also … Read More

Beach Holiday Holidays

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If the relatively cool temperatures don’t sound appealing, hop in a rental boat to get up close and personal with the magnificent falls, before retreating to the beach and café. From the moment you arrive, it’s clear to see why it’s known as the Island of the Gods. It’s blessed with beaches so beautiful they look too perfect to be real, forested volcanoes that seem to be conjured from an adventure movie, and exquisite art and temples. Then there’s the fine food, exhilarating festivals, and wellness retreats that will leave you wondering why you left it so long to visit. All of which means Bali offers countless opportunities to blend the best of a relaxing beach break with pretty much any other kind of experience. The zing of fresh air, fresh food, and fresh views that leave you with a fresh outlook on life.

  • A wonderful location and extremely well
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